Spring has well and truly made its presence felt. With nature putting on a show, it’s only natural we feel motivated to do the “spring clean” and clear away the physical clutter and overgrowth that accompanies the hibernation of the colder months. It can also be a good time to take stock of our mental wellbeing and invest in a spring clean of our minds.

Clear the clutter

As we reevaluate our physical space and look to declutter all the things that don’t “spark joy”, look to do the same with your social calendar.

Are there events or people that deplete your energy more than fill your cup? Can boundaries be put in place to clear the clutter and allow for you to reset?

Find tasks that can be offloaded or reduced in urgency. Choose things that align with your values and give you energy. It takes genuine self-evaluation and strength to say no and let go.

Make space

Pulling the weeds, donating old clothes and reassessing the pantry allows for us to make space in our homes. It’s just as important to make space for our thoughts and feelings. Acknowledging our thoughts, in their full range, positive, negative and neutral, allows the mind to explore our feelings around them. This is an important step in being able to choose the mindset in which we want to sit. Chatting with someone we trust, writing things down or engaging with something creative can give the mind space and clarity to allow for something new.

Embrace new growth

With sunshine and space for new plants to grow and blossom, we can follow nature’s lead and look to embrace new growth. This could include establishing a routine for mindfulness. Choose what works for you! For some, this is breathing and meditation, for others it’s time creating a nourishing meal and for some it’s getting that heart rate up with some activity. One minute is more than zero minutes. Find this minute each day and grow that time as spring progresses.

If you’re still unsure, use that one minute a day to name three things you’re grateful for from that day. The sunshine, that morning coffee, a win with the kids… No matter how big or small, gratitude is a proven tool in shifting our mindset.

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