Lymphoedema or chronic swelling is a condition that can occur from birth, but more commonly occurs following cancer treatment. It is characterised by the build up of excess fluid often in the arms and legs.

The lymphatic system is responsible for clearing waste and excess fluid from our bodies. Surgical treatment following a cancer diagnosis that involves removing or sampling lymph nodes as well as radiation and chemotherapeutic treatment increases the risk of lymphoedema.

Although, not all patients will get lymphoedema following cancer treatment, physiotherapists play an important role in:
1. Providing education and exercise to help minimise the risk of lymphoedema
2. Surveillance for early diagnosis and monitoring of symptoms
3. Management of lymphoedema over time

A cancer diagnosis and surgery is a highly stressful time in a patient’s life. If you would like to know more about how H4W may be able to help you on your lymphoedema journey please call (03) 9329 0999.

Below are some pictures of Sarah completing Lymphoedema training.